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ShePeril (Work in Progress)

Write an artist's statement about sensual feminist imagery (Chat GPT AI Generated Statement)

As an artist working within the realm of sensual feminist imagery, my goal is to reclaim the female form and sexuality from patriarchal narratives that have long objectified and reduced women to mere bodies. Through my work, I aim to subvert these narratives by depicting women as confident and empowered beings who own their sensuality.

I believe that our societal understanding of femininity and sexuality is constructed and performative, and I aim to challenge these narratives by creating bold, unapologetic imagery that celebrates the complexities of female desire and sexuality.

I use fluid forms to convey a sense of sensuality and bodily awareness, seeking to make a visual statement about the power and beauty of the female form. I hope to contribute to a broader cultural shift towards greater equity and inclusion, where women can fully own their bodies and their sexuality.



In an improvised transfer process, I print my screens onto a polycarbonate monoprint plate with oil based inks, then run the plates through a press to print onto dampened  paper. The linear objects start as vector based drawings that I expose onto a screen and print in the  same transfer manner. For the ShePeril series I learned Mokulito (wood lithography) because the resulting (though unpredictable) wood grain textures seem highly appropriate to this imagery. For this series I also learned copper plate photo-etching. I have done a small edition of a four plate,  five color image and many variations that screen print onto a wiped plate and/or add a surface roll in a transparent color. 

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