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Though I work mostly alone, I am always making a space for someone else to occupy, if only temporarily. I use patterns for the visual interest and rhythms they build, but also the motion that results as I warp and torque them on a flat surface. Wallpaper patterns take that space right on home to domestic walls and the confinement we all just experienced during a worldwide quarantine.

Floral forms have been drawing my interest for the last few years. I am not really interested in depicting flowers as they are, so much as coming up with a linear object that has the feel of something floral but also fabric-like. Why, I am not really sure, but a funeral a few years ago just left me attracted to the idea of flowers and their presence as part of the cycles of everyone’s lives. Planting flowers to grow in the spring, the part they play at most human milestones of birth, graduation, marriage, and the end of life. I made a couple attempts that didn’t work as they were too literal, but these are closer to what I wanted.

So I present these objects, flat as they are, to give you a space to occupy for a brief while, that allows for contradictory truths to coexist somewhat peacefully, as you contemplate the possibilities of what could be.


"Flowers are so contradictory!"

"You must never listen to flowers."


-The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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