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Anatomically, fascia refers to the membrane tissues that connect the body’s skin to its underlying muscles.  In this series I am photographically exploring the idealized human face. Similar to my past series of work based on allegorical figures, mannequins, and Barbie dolls, I am searching for the way body imagery affects the way we feel about ourselves, the way we emote those feelings to others, and how they are interpreted.  

In this ongoing series of work, I have been photographing 19th century marble sculptures found within various museum settings. The images are highly softened to further affect the improbable perfect face of the sculpture. Unlike the pure white marble of the busts, I have altered the colors in my photos using a palette more commonly found in makeup cosmetics. How one defines beauty is debatable, but the beauty industry banks on our desire for unattainable perfection.


Social media platforms are under scrutiny and targeted for amplifying negative body and facial image consciousness especially amid adolescent females. Neural filters and artificial intelligence have changed how we can easily modify our facial architecture, thicken hair, and turn a grimace into a smile. This is fine for the entertainment value of a Snapchat video, but can be used nefariously in the creation of deep fakes.

Editions of  5 are offered

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