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Entangled (Earth to Heaven)


In physics, nonlocality or action at a distance is the direct interaction of two objects that are separated in space with no perceivable 

intermediate agency or mechanism.



The nonlocality of quantum mechanics, as manifested by entanglement, does not apply only to particles with space-like separation, but also to particles with time-like [i.e., temporal] separation.


Another theory explains quantum entanglement using special relativity. According to this theory,

faster-than-light communication between entangled systems can be achieved because the time dilation of special relativity allows time to stand still in light’s point of view.


The Mystery of Time

Physicists say that time is an emergent phenomenon that is a side effect of quantum entanglement.


- For the “Entangled” works I used screens derived from photographic images of  coronal mass ejections and pinwheel galaxy-like symbols to consider ideas of entanglement, non-locality, magnetic attraction and separation through time and space. The works are all split into two “bodies” though they were made together. The vertical format mimics a human tendency to reach toward “the heavens” for answers or solace in our lives.


I explore with paint and screen printing, the bend of line, deformation of shape, and inflection of form as they come under the influences of gravity, magnetism, and quantum mechanics.  A visceral sense of cosmic space-time is the underlying emotion that jumps forward, recedes, and slides off the edge the work to an implied space 

elsewhere, another dimension.

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