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Ghoulie Drawings


I was just working along, minding my own business when these happened. The first 

one kind of made me laugh. It was a nervous laugh. 


They surfaced during the less than hopeful Bush II years when roadside bombings were in the news daily. I started trying to stretch and manipulate these beautiful 

elliptical grids to look like topographical maps of explosions, craters, mangled 

vehicles and carnage. 


I continued playing with them in multiples and layers. Some of them started to look 

like torsos. When I transferred them onto my paper these strange torso heads were 

looking back at me. Somehow they seem to carry the subject and then some with more power than anything I was expecting. 


Though it is not possible to explain everything going on in them, I know these 

drawings are potent. They seem to be a mashup of ideas about fear, gender, 

violence, body and randomness with a little humor for good measure. 

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